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How to deposit money at 1xBet India?

When people prefer to connect with 1xBet for betting in India, they must know about the legal deposit methods for depositing the money. Usually, Indian bettors don’t have enough knowledge about the betting world and the legal deposit methods, due to which they face major troubles. Whenever someone enters the betting world, then deposit methods are the most important factor that they need to know about properly so that they can use them well for depositing the money in their accounts.

Different betting websites provide different deposit methods due to which sometimes people get confused. But Indian bettors must learn How to deposit money in 1xbet from India because Indian betting sites include almost the same methods. Once the people learned about the major deposit methods, it will be easy for them to deal with multiple bets. Many options are available for depositing money into betting websites, and people can opt for the one which suits them well.

Comfortability and stability are the two major factors that need to be focused on, and then people should consider connecting with the major deposit method. Once the people are paid attention to these factors, it will help them greatly impact their betting skills.


1xBet in India
  • The first and major deposit method that Indian people can use to deposit money in 1xBet is NetBanking, an online bank transfer. This deposit method helps people to directly transfer the money from their bank accounts to the app’s account. Once the people connect with NetBanking, they can easily transfer their money to either depositing or withdrawing by NetBanking.
  • All the people mainly use it as nowadays online bank transfers take more place than normal transactions. Net banking is the most famous deposit method used by many betting websites and allows people to get involved in the betting world without facing any trouble in depositing money.


  • Another major deposit method that people can use for depositing money in the 1xBet Indian betting platform is UPI. It stands for Unified Payments Interface that first took place on 16th August 2018 and was launched to help people to have direct transactions.
  • When people use this deposit method, they don’t need to face any deduction while transferring money from one account to another. It allows people to feel secure while transferring money from their account to the app’s account. Once you connect with the UPI deposit method, you can see the difference between local and online transactions.


  • When people prefer to connect with 1xBet for betting, they need to know about the best deposit methods to make easy deposits. One of the best deposit methods that people can consider is MasterCard that originally known as InterBank.
  • From 1966 to 1969, the MasterCard was known as InterBank, which created an alliance for several regional bank card. The people who don’t know how to deposit money in 1xbet from india can consider MasterCard as it allows a safe platform for depositing money.


  • The people who connect with 1xBet India then they must be aware of the best deposit method Skrill. It is formerly known as Moneybookers and is a digital wallet provider established for making multiple online payments and for money transfer services.
  • It was launched to help many people feel safe while dealing with online payment methods and made it easy for them to make multiple transactions. Since it took place, it included so many employees, more than 500 in 2018 and made them satisfied with its major services.


  • Another major deposit method included by 1xBet in the Indian betting world is PhonePe, which allows people to make multiple transactions. You might have seen many people using PhonePe as it is considered the number one payment method nowadays.
  • It is an Indian digital payment and financial services provided by the company headquartered in Bangalore. PhonePe was found in December 2015 and earned such great popularity in today’s time period. Once the people connect with PhonePe, they can easily deposit money in minutes on the Indian betting websites.

When you read all the points mentioned above, you will get to know about the famous deposit methods of 1xBet in India. It will also help you know how to deposit money in 1xBet from India, which will greatly help many bettors. Once you understand the points mentioned above, it will help you find it easy to make multiple deposits to 1xBet in India, and it allows you to face no doubt or query. Try to stay focused so that you can have a great impact on your knowledge and deposit money safely.