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How to deposit money in Dafabet India

The Dafabet is one of the most popular gambling sites for players. But if you want to bet on the Dafabet then you must have to deposit money. As the site is secure, you do not have to think about that transaction process. 

After creating your account in the Dafabet, click on the cashier button. It will open the deposit menu on the Dafabet site. Then you have to choose the Dafabet wallet from where you want to deposit your money. The Dafabet site has different wallets depending on what you will play. These include the Dafabet sports wallet, casino wallet, poker wallets, and more. 

Always keep in mind that it does not matter in which wallet you deposit your money because you can transfer between different Dafabet wallets at any point in time.

Steps to deposit money in wallets

deposit money in Dafabet

Select the choice of your wallet and next to the deposit option. You can now able to deposit your money with different deposit methods.

The Dafabet site deposit methods

As this site is based on Asian countries, The Dafabet site has its players, especially from Asian countries. However, Indian players are one of the biggest players represented on this website. The Dafabet site offers a wide range of deposits option for the Indian players:

  • UPI: It is one of the most popular methods in India. No surprise that it is the best at the most popular deposit method on the Dafabet site. We can deposit with the help of UPI. You have to select the V pay UPI option. A new screen will open up where you have to select the wallet you want to deposit the amount. Next, you will be redirected to a third-party site where you ask to select your UPI app and then type UPI payment address. After an SMS verification will be forwarded to your phone inquiring you to make the transaction. Put your UPI pin and complete the transaction. The money will instantly deposit in your Dafabet wallet.
  • Indian net banking: Before opting for net banking make sure you have online banking details and login into your online bank when prompted. This process is the same as UPA payment. Here, you have to select either pay banking option. After selecting the Net bank deposit option a new screen will come, where you will ask to type the amount you want to deposit. After accomplishing this process, a new window will come where you have to select the bank details and make payment. Log in to your online banking platform and confirm your transaction process. 
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the currency that users around the world can buy and trade without the use of any intermediate bank or financial institution. Bitcoin is a highly safe, fast, cheap, and anonymous transaction method. The minimum transaction for Bitcoin is rupees 1500 and the maximum is rupees three Lac 50,000. After typing the amount, select the Dafabet wallet after confirming the deposit amount. You will ask to make a transfer to the Bitcoin address copy-paste the Bitcoin address. Open your Bitcoin wallet, write your address to the recipient, and write the amount you want to deposit. After doing so money will instantly be available in the Dafabet wallet.