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Betting sites that accept Indian Rupees

Betting can be a source of income if you know all the basics of betting and know how to place a winning bet on certain outcomes. Because of unemployment in India, When it comes to betting, India has gained the position of the second most active user to bet on any activity. With more than 400 million online users, India is more active in placing online bets on sports events, elections, weather, or for any kind which has more than one outcome. 

Cricket is the most favorite sport for betters or punters in India. Betting on cricket is as popular as the cricket sport in India. Also, the cricket organization of India makes sure that the people in India will enjoy every moment and every match of cricket by providing them with different cricket sports events such as the Indian premier league, various domestic crickets leagues, tennis ball cricket league, T10 cricket league, T20 cricket league, one day match, test match, world cup, and many more such events so that the craze of cricket in India with either remain same or gets increased day by day. 

These events will also increase the chances of you placing more bets and win them. There are many betting websites that offer you to place a bet, but some websites only accept the U.S. dollar or U.K. dollar to place a bet, which can lose you more money. However, there are few websites that accept Indian rupees also, so that they win the money in Indian rupees and no problem will occur in the transaction of money. Following betting sites will ensure a smooth and flawless transaction of money so that you enjoy betting on sports or any other activity.  Here we have enlisted some of the best betting sites for Indian punters and Indian betters to place a bet in Indian rupees and win a bet in Indian rupees. 

Betway betting site and 10 cricket betting site

Betway betting site

Betway is the oldest and most trusted betting site that offers Indian players to bet on any activity including sport, political election, weather, dice, or teen Patti. These betting sites offer Indian currency as INR to place a bet and they also allow you to win a bet with Indian rupees. Betway betting sites also offer the advantage of catering to the Indian market, different types of deposit options, free bets every week to place a free bet, and also a large welcome bonus when you place your first bet or open your betting account on Betway. 

10cric betting site

10cric in India is the most famous betting site for betting on every cricket event happening in India. You can place a bet on every sporting event from the Indian premier league to the Ranji trophy and From the World cup to the test championship. This betting site is very useful and convenient for Indian betters and punters. This betting site also offers a free welcome bonus after opening a betting account on 10cric

These two betting sites are highly recommended and highly appreciated by the Indian betters as both these betting g sites accept Indian currency and offer a big welcome bonus for betters.